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March   1932
Triangle Paint Company founded in Berkeley in a paint factory built in 1914 by General Paint (General Paint was later purchased by Sherwin Williams)
-Three Point Label established – Quality, Value and Service
-Developed and cooked resins over open-hearth furnace
Introduced enamel line sold through dealers and private label
Introduced industrial coatings for local industry
Developed antenna coatings in cooperation with UC Berkeley and Rohr Corporation
August 1981
Triangle Coatings, Inc. established
August 1981
Triangle Coatings purchased Triangle Paint Company
Expanded industrial coatings product line
July 1984
Moved manufacturing facility to new modern factory in San Leandro, California
Reformulated and developed full line of low VOC coatings to meet current and future regulatory requirements
April 1988
Established new look with current logo design
July 1988
Purchased Danacolors: a manufacturer of bulletin enamels and artist oils for the hand painted billboard industry
June 1992
Expanded into adjoining building and built latex manufacturing facility
July 1994
Began manufacturing Modern Options’ product line of metallic coatings and patinas sold to the craft industry
August 1994
Began marketing clear coating to protect digitally printed signage in the newly developing industry
July 1995
Introduced air-brush inks to the digital sign industry
August 1996
Began manufacturing White Mountain product line of sealers
June 1999
Introduced piezo outdoor durable inks to the digitally printed sign industry
January 2002
Spun out the digital ink business to Triangle Digital, LLC
May 2002
Established the Sophisticated Finishes brand name to better merchandize the Modern Options products and expand the line in the arts, crafts and hardware markets
June 2003
Modernized packaging and re-introduced Classic Artist Oils to the fine arts industry
July 2006
Upgraded and modernized the latex manufacturing facility
November 2006
Acquired new waterborne toll manufacturing business for large multi-national paint manufacturer
February 2007
Expanded warehousing and office facilities in adjoining San Leandro building


November 2007
Established Triangle Coatings Asia in Fo Shan, China to manufacture coatings in support of our Asian customer base


January 2008
Initiated Lean manufacturing


February 2008
Reformulated core product lines to become super VOC compliant


Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
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