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White Mountain™ Products

White Mountain products were developed to protect, preserve, restore, and enhance a variety of concrete, masonry, and stone surfaces.

The features that make a property unique, such as paved walkways, tile entries, stone patios, and decorative concrete can add, or detract from the beauty of your environment, depending on how they are built and maintained. White Mountain is a single source system for the preservation, protection, restoration, and maintenance of concrete, unglazed tile, masonry, pavers and stone. These architectural sealers and coatings add luster, shine and a protective layer designed to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of a variety architectural surfaces. Formulated from the latest developments in masonry coating chemistry, we combine cutting-edge micro-technology and innovative ingredients to deeply penetrate and create the ultimate finish for the beauty and protection of a variety of substrates. White Mountain products provide a complete system, specifically designed to rejuvenate, enhance and preserve the features that lend value to any property. Not only are our coatings easy to use, but they will often save time and money by getting the job done right the first time!

Please choose from the items on the left, for a closer look at all the features and benefits White Mountain has to offer. Product data sheets and specifications are included with each product description. For help in choosing a White Mountain product for your application, please refer to our Product Usage Guide.

We at Triangle like to provide our customers with the right tools to be successful no matter what the job. We are proud to offer exceptional customer service and are more than happy to assist you in any way possible. In addition to the tips, techniques, and specifications found here, our product line professionals have the experience and knowledge to provide advice on how to use White Mountain products. For technical questions, product advice, or to inquire about custom orders or formulations, please contact us.

Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
Triangle Coatings
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