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Antenna Top Coats, Primers, and DTM Coatings

Industrial Products7 Series – Goldstone™  *NEW!*
A high IR reflectance antenna enamel, this new & improved water based formula protects microwave antennas, large dish telescopes, and radio receivers from infrared radiation and heat accumulation. This ultra low VOC coating also allows electromagnetic waves to pass, ensuring accurate data collection.

7 Series Data Sheet
Compare Goldstone™ Coatings - New #7 Series & Original #6 Series

Epoxy Acrylic DTM44 Series – Epoxy Acrylic DTM  *NEW!*
This two-component water-based epoxy acrylic primer and finish is designed for direct-to-metal applications over properly prepared surfaces. It dries to a tough, durable finish and exhibits excellent performance, high build, and rust-inhibitive properties. This coating is used to protect exterior and interior structural ferrous and nonferrous steel, institutional walls, and industrial machinery. When used in conjunction with high build zinc rich primers, it is suitable for moderate duty marine applications. When used as one part of a three-coat system, 44 Series is also suitable for bridge coating applications.

44 Series Data Sheet

Goldstone283PAJ60 – Aquapoxy™ Primer  *IMPROVED FORMULA!*
Aquapoxy Primer™ is a high performance primer for fiberglass, aluminum and nonferrous metals where conventional primers may cause adhesion failures. This 2-part, water reducible, VOC compliant epoxy provides excellent adhesion to previously painted surfaces and features good flow and leveling characteristics.

283PAJ60 Data Sheet

Goldstone500HR6 – Goldstone™ Polyurethane
Goldstone™ is a specially formulated coating designed to have high infrared radiation reflectance. Formulated for the NASA Deep Space Instrumentation Facilities to protect microwave antennas from heat accumulation, this enamel is also used to protect large dish telescopes and radio antennas.

500HR6 Series Data Sheet

TriGuard33 Series – TriGuard™
Silicone Alkyd Enamel. The 33 Series is a high gloss, solvent borne silicone alkyd enamel that provides the best gloss retention and durability possible in a single component material, rivaling automotive acrylics with a urethane hardener.

33 Series Data Sheet

AquaGuard10 Series – AquaGuard™
Waterborne Silicone Alkyd. The 10 Series is a water reducible gloss silicone alkyd enamel designed primarily for the maintenance of industrial iron and steel structures in VOC regulated areas. It has exceptional gloss retention and an established record of 10+ year durability in fully exposed marine environments.

10 Series Data Sheet

GoldstoneCAL24 – Latex Primer
Water Based Structural Primer

CAL24 Series Data Sheet

Goldstone6 Series – Goldstone™
Original formula, High IR Reflectance Microwave Antenna Enamel

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Triangle Coatings
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