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For help in choosing the right White Mountain™ products for your application, please refer to our Product Usage Guide.

Crystal Seal protective sealerW1-01 – Crystal Seal
White Mountain Crystal Seal™ is a stain resistant sealer for stone, concrete, pavers and unglazed tile. Current advancements in water based acrylic micro-emulsion coatings technology have allowed us to develop the ultimate, long-lasting sealer. It protects against water damage, spalling caused by freeze/thaw conditions, stains from oil or grease, and discoloration from dirt. One coat produces a satin finish while additional coats produce added gloss, color enhancement and protection.

W1-01 Data Sheet 

Wet Look OX concrete sealerW1-02 – Wet Look OX™ – Original Formula
White Mountain Wet Look OX provides clear protection and enhances the natural color and beauty of brick, exposed aggregate, concrete, colored concrete, natural or manufactured stone, and interlocking pavers. Wet Look OX creates a deep penetrating, high gloss, barrier coating to highlight the beauty and warmth of the surface to which it is applied. UV resistant and recoatable, Wet Look OX also contains stain-blocking additives to keep out oil and grease stains.  This product can also be used as a joint sand stabilizer for interlocking pavers.

W1-02 Data Sheet

Wet Look SC Low VOC sealerW1-03 – Wet Look SC™ – Low VOC Formula
White Mountain Wet Look SC - Low VOC meets the strict guidelines set by the South Coast Air Quality Management District for acceptable product VOC levels.  With a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content of 48 grams per liter, it far exceeds the base limits set by SCAQMD 1113.  Wet Look SC - Low VOC performs as well as our original Wet Look OX formula, adding a high-gloss finish and enhancing the natural colors of the surface to which it is applied.

W1-03 Data Sheet

Invisoseal penetrating invisible sealerW1-04 – Invisoseal
White Mountain Invisoseal™ is a penetrating water sealer that provides up to 10 years of invisible protection for stone, concrete and masonry surfaces.  Invisoseal utilizes micro-emulsion technology to deeply penetrate porous surfaces, retaining the natural color and finish of stone, unglazed tile, or decorative concrete.  Specifically developed to repel water, dirt, mildew and algae stains, this non-gloss sealer also works as an effective grout release. Invisoseal is perfect for vertical applications, providing superior protection while retaining the natural beauty of the chosen substrate.

W1-04 Data Sheet 

Traffic Coat floor polishW1-05 – Traffic Coat
White Mountain Traffic Coat™ is a buffable, high-gloss acrylic floor polish for masonry surfaces. With excellent slip resistance, Traffic Coat offers an extremely hard finish to protect against marring, scratching and scuffing. Use over White Mountain Crystal Seal™, Wet Look OX™ or Wet Look SC™ to add further protection and shine. Traffic Coat can also be used on most conventional floors surfaces as a sacrificial coating to protect substrates from the wear and tear of heavy traffic.

W1-05 Data Sheet

Ultrapel penetrating sealerW1-06 – Ultrapel
White Mountain Ultrapel™ is an invisible, stain-blocking sealer that locks out oil, grease and other organic stains from concrete, masonry and tile. Designed for use in dining, food service areas and parking facilities, Ultrapel makes no appreciable change in the appearance of most surfaces. Effective on interlocking concrete and clay pavers, colored and stamped concrete, flagstone and other porous surfaces, Ultrapel can even repel stains such as engine oil, by causing the oil to bead-up and stay above the surface until washed away. If left unprotected, oil and other dark liquids can soak in, permanently staining a paver or porous surface.  Protect the appearance of your floor easily with Ultrapel.

W1-06 Data Sheet

Ultrapel penetrating sealerW1-07 – AquaGlaze™  *NEW!*
White Mountain AquaGlaze™ was developed as an extremely high performance, universal sealer formulated from cutting edge technology. This revolutionary sealer exhibits excellent adhesion and provides a durable, glossy finish on interior and exterior applications. AquaGlaze™ enhances the colors in stone and masonry and brings out detailed grain patterns in hardwood surfaces. Ideal for protecting both natural and manufactured substrates, this sealer offers the same superior deep penetration, protection, and enhancement of Wet Look OX in an environmentally friendly, extremely low VOC, water based formula.

W1-07 Data Sheet

Seal-Lock sealer and joint sand stabilizerW1-09 – Seal Lock
White Mountain Seal-Lock™ is an interlocking paver sealer and joint sand stabilizer providing superior protection against stains and exceptional water resistance, while retarding the adhesion of molds and mildew. Its properties seal the space between the pavers and reduce weed growth. One coat produces a satin finish while additional coats produce added gloss, color enhancement and protection. Seal Lock transforms sand into a hard, grout like surface.

W1-09 Data Sheet

GoldstoneW1-12 – Water Based Wet Look Sealer - DISCONTINUED
This product has been discontinued. Please refer to our Water Based Sealers for water based concrete sealing options.



Anti-Slip Additive for sealersW1-14 – Anti-Slip Additive
Anti-Slip Additive is a finely ground material utilizing micronized polymer. When added as directed in White Mountain film forming sealers, it will provide a slip resistant surface on walkways, driveways, garage floors, patios, pool decks, and other surfaces.

W1-14 Data Sheet 

GoldstoneW1-17 – TigerTung Wet Look Lacquer
White Mountain TigerTung™ Wet Look Lacquer creates a deep penetrating clear barrier coating. It protects and beautifies surfaces by bringing out the rich colors of clay pavers, colored, stamped or embossed concrete, and enhances the natural beauty of exposed aggregate, natural stone and slate while providing a slip resistant surface. TigerTung’s ultraviolet resistant, salt resistant acrylic base resin is formulated from the latest developments in masonry coating chemistry, combining cutting edge and innovative ingredients to create the ultimate in deep penetration, beauty and protection with slip resistance for all concrete, unglazed tile, paver and masonry surfaces. TigerTung seals the applied surface making it stain resistant to oils, food and leaf tannin while providing protection against pool salt/chlorine water. In addition, TigerTung is ideal as a joint stabilizer for interlocking pavers.

W1-17 Data Sheet

GoldstoneW1-18 – CT Plus*NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA!*
White Mountain CT Plus™ is a high performance, two-component, air or force dried, aliphatic acrylic urethane enamel.  This new formula provides enhanced performance with a lower VOC content. CT Plus has the highest color retention and atmospheric durability that current coatings technology can provide.  CT Plus dries hard, with a resilient tile like toughness that gives it unsurpassed impact and abrasion resistance.  In addition, it is impermeable to water, and resistant to splash and spill type contact with most chemicals. CT Plus is designed as a finished product surface enamel.  Typical uses include; concrete counter tops, concrete architectural elements, concrete water features and unglazed or glazed tile surfaces. CT Plus is only available in quart size kits, in gloss or matte finish.

W1-18 Data Sheet 

GoldstoneW1-32 – NuSeal Pro™  *NEW!*
This durable coating is formulated for use by contractors to seal and enhance concrete and masonry surfaces. A deep penetrating, film forming sealer, NuSeal Pro™ protects substrates from oil, grease, water, and other soils, while bringing out natural colors and detailed patterns found in stone, brick, pavers, and concrete. With UV resistance and excellent adhesion, this product provides a cost effective solution for contractors' sealing needs. Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and low-gloss versions.

W1-32 Data Sheet

GoldstoneW1-33 – NuSeal Pro™ - Low VOC  *NEW!*
Formulated for use by contractors, this durable coating seals, enhances, and protects concrete and masonry. NuSeal Pro™ is a durable, film forming sealer that deeply penetrates substrates to lock out oil, grease, soils, and water, and lock in the color and detailed patterns naturally found in stone, brick, pavers, and concrete. This low VOC formula is specially designed for use in areas with strict VOC regulations. With UV resistance and excellent adhesion, this product provides a cost effective solution for contractors' sealing needs. Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and low-gloss versions.

W1-33 Data Sheet

GoldstoneW2-01 – Wood Armour™
Stains seals and protects wood decks. Stops wood from turning gray, blocks out stains from food spills and barbeque drippings. Safe around plants and shrubs, biodegradable, and easily cleaned with water. Available in Cedar, Redwood, Walnut, Gray, and Natural tints.

W2-01 Data Sheet

GoldstoneW2-04 – Wood Cleaner
Cleans and brighten exterior old gray wood, making it look new again. Cleans tannin stains from redwood and cedar. Concentrated formula is cost effective for restoring lack-luster wood.

W2-04 Data Sheet

GoldstoneW2-06 – Never Peel Primer
Stop paint peeling problems – White Mountain Never Peel™ is the ultimate primer, sealer, stabilizer and bonding agent all rolled into one!  When properly applied, this combination adhesive/water based sealer locks on and glues down to the surface, forming a perfect base for repainting.  Never Peel™ is available in clear or light gray. Never Peel™ is designed to reduce and stop paint peeling problems on wood, plaster, metal, masonry, stucco, and T-111 surfaces.

W2-06 Data Sheet

Jobsite Cleaner multi purpose cleaner and degreaserW3-02 – Jobsite Cleaner
White Mountain Jobsite Cleaner is the best industrial grade all-purpose cleaner ever developed for construction use.  Jobsite is a non-toxic concrete, tile and masonry cleaner. It removes dirt, grime, grease and oil from concrete, masonry, wood, grout or any difficult to clean surface. Jobsite is a concentrate that is mixed with up to 8-part water making it an inexpensive way to restore damaged and unsightly surfaces.

W3-02 Data Sheet

Efflorescence RemoverW3-04 – Efflorescence Remover
White Mountain Efflorescence Remover is a remover of masonry efflorescence, (the white chalky powder found on concrete], cement scale and grout haze. Efflorescence Remover is a blend of acids, a surfactant and an antifoaming agent. This combination reduces etching problems on delicate surfaces.

W3-04 Data Sheet

Bubble Gum Release imprinting tool release agentW3-05 – Bubble Gum Release  *NEW!*
This scented release agent is specially formulated for use when imprinting fresh concrete or overlays.  White Mountain Bubble Gum Release forms a bond breaking barrier between tools and concrete to promote a clean, easy release of stamping, texturing, and imprinting tools. Safe for use on newly colored or uncolored concrete, this release agent is easy to apply, leaves surfaces free of residue, and offers an alternative to powder release agents. Features an appealing bubble gum scent to help identify the product in the field.

W3-05 Data Sheet

AquaGlaze SystemW9-03K – AquaGlaze System  *NEW!*
White Mountain AquaGlaze System is a two step, high performance coating system developed to provide exceptional protection and intense enhancement of concrete and masonary surfaces. The revolutionary undercoat AquaGlaze brings out detailed patterns and enhances the colors in stone and masonry. AquaGlaze provides the same superior deep penetration and enhancement as Wet Look, in an environmentally friendly, extremely low VOC, water based formula. OverGlaze is a low VOC, water based topcoat that dries to a tough, durable finish for repelling water and stains. This system exhibits excellent adhesion and provides an extremely hard, glossy finish for interior and exterior applications. 

W9-03K Data Sheet

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